A career with CEL Consulting would always excite your daily life with a lot of challenges and feelings of achievement and contribution. Being a member of CEL Consulting is, in addition, an opportunity to be part of an adventure of a very dynamic company with a clear intention of becoming the leader in emerging markets in Supply Chain & Operations Consulting.

Get hands-on experience in the supply chain and operations consulting world with CEL Consulting

Why you will enjoy working here:  

  • A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it’s most needed
  • A place to be where technologies and supply chain meet to create true business impact: We leverage technology to deliver results
  • A home for professional analysts, facilitators, engineers, technologists, innovators: We are a unique blend of talents & skillset from all over the world
  • A working culture based on continuous improvement, collaboration, “can do” and “no bullshit” attitude and design thinking: We grow together.

More about internships at CEL Consulting: https://www.cel-consulting.com/students-graduates.

Email your CV to recruitment@cel-consulting.com or Apply online at https://www.cel-consulting.com/open-positions

CEL Consulting

Supply Chain & Operations in Emerging Markets