Step 1

Scroll down and click on register button

Step 2

Fill out the information which includes: name, email, password. Then the system will send you an email with OTP code confirming your registration. You need to type the OTP code in your email to the pop-up window to finish the registration. NOTE: PASSWORD MUST BE AT LEAST 8 DIGITS (INCLUDING 1 UPPERCASE AND 1 NUMBER DIGIT)

Step 3

Click on Videos to display videos of SCMission 2018's teams.

Step 4

Choose videos you like best and vote for it.

Round’s Name: AWAKEN

Time period: 18/03/2018 to 17/04/2018

Content: Each team (3 – 5 members) creates a 5-minute (± 30s) video presenting their understanding about Supply Chain Planning in FMCG Industry. The detail requirements and instructions will be shown in our official SCMission 2018 website:

Round 1’s exam: ROUND 1 – GUIDELINES

Step 1: Form a team

Buy your ticket online on SCMission fanpage or offline at the SCMission booth at your school.

Ticket price:

Individual Registration: 20 000 VND/ ticket/ participant.

Team Registration: (The discount is only applied for offline registration)

3-member team: 60 000 VND/3 tickets/ team.

4-member team: 60 000 VND/4 tickets/ team.

5-member team: 75 000 VND/5 tickets/ team.


+ Prices above apply only to tickets offline.

+ Online ticket: 20 000 VND/ ticket/ participant.

Each participant can only join one team.

When buying your ticket, please kindly provide us with your information for further contact during the contest.

For individual registration, first, we will invite you to join a Facebook group gathering Individual participants like you. Then, there are 2 options for you:

We will RANDOMLY form a team for you (3-member team). Your team’s information will be received no later than 1 week after your registration.
You can, by yourself, form a team. The deadline of this is 23:59 April 1, 2018. If after this and you are still not in any teams (new participation included), we will RANDOMLY form a team for you (3-member team) and you can start your competition.
Link Facebook group for individual registration:
Step 2: Make the video

A qualified video must meet the following requirements:

Have a subject title
Include a list of team members and the respective codes (printed on your ticket)
Satisfy the required length of time
Step 3: Upload your video to Google Drive and send us the link

A representative of the team will:

Upload the video and list of members (SCM codes, phone numbers, emails included) in Word format onto Google Drive. Put them in a folder named [SCM2018][ROUND 1][GROUP NAME].
Copy the Google Drive link and send it to before 23h59’, 12/04/2018, subjected [SCM2018][ROUND 1][GROUP NAME].
The confirmation email will be sent to the representative in 24h after submission.

Voting time: 13/04 to 15/04. Visit our website for further voting information.

Result Announcement: 17/04

Scoring structure: 85% from the judges, 25% from voting. For the voting part, the team has the highest vote (team A) will earn full 15% point. The remaining teams’ point will be proportioned to the team A.

20 teams with the highest scores will be qualified for ROUND 2.